"It is my dream to create an art which is filled with balance purity and calmness freed from a subject matter that is disconcerting or too attention-seeking. In my paintings I wish to create a spiritual remedy similar to a comfortable armchair which provides rest from physical expectation for the spiritually working the businessman as well as the artist." - Henri Matisse

Sunday, September 21, 2014

5775- finally

the black cloud which has kept me from being productive in an sensible way is starting to lift and I feel that  "stuff" well I mean good stuff is getting ready to emerge from the black cocoon of depression that began with stress in November, being way over extended and a series of stresses inflicted on me that  no one wants to hear about. The important thing I am back nd my second studio is being prepared.

Now my weaving, drawing, painting, matting /framing and encaustics will be all in one space. the loft  is like a tree house with sever windows and tons of light even at night. and electricity galore so I don't have to run extensions cords all along baseboards.

I switched ( finally to a mac) and its been a very steep ad frustrating learning curve. my hp died and so my website has to completely reconstructed. just time and annoyance.

I the grief over the loss of beloved abigail is softening, I no longer dream she is outside crying for me but it has been hard to use the the backyard because it seems more like a graveyard  than a sweet resting place for an animal I loved. We finally found Lilith - ever hear of a Russian Black? that's her and she hs even a sweeter more elegant disposition as Abs without the intestinal problems and allergies that plagued Abi her very short life (8 YEARS)

  It is very hard to photo a black cat but true me she is gorgeous with short dense flush fur that's like satin and amazing green eyes.
 OK none of this has been about the ar, except the art of getting better when you have two cancer scared, are assaulted, maligned, dropped by a crazy best friend and have e neighbor almost infest  your house with bedbugs. I thank the universe for friends who stick it out with you even when family drops you, and a psychiatrist who can handle conflict, apologizes and accepts apologies. But he is a good Jew and I made a ton of Elul phone calls this fall, some falling on deaf ears, but needed all the same. Salaam, Shalom, Peace.

 Middlemarch. 20 x 20 it's going on the wall f my inside studio. No I am making linguine with artichoke pesto. Good night. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yikes- time flies

It has been forever and there are sensible and irrational reasons for my absence. I had a medical scare which has been resolved and I am not going to die young from kidney cancer. And then I confess I was a little overwhelmed and fell apart but good friends and a wonderful doctor who would blush to be mentioned by name have helped cobble me together.

But despite my other world experience a lot has been happening in my art world. CHOICE went very well, Rejection did not sell but I learned much about what to do and not do about framing. Howl however is joining the collection of a man I will not name who is an art collector in Cairo- I am honored. I have long favored this piece and am finally willing to let it go to the right person.

I am currently preparing for a solo exhibition at Art on Broadway opening March 2014. Nineteenth Century Masters: abstraction visual representations of classic literature. I almost done with all ten pieces: seminal works written in English.  I am including an inspiring quote and a booklet about the choices of books, why these books matter and why I have chosen each particular quote.  It's all a process that incorporates my love for literature AND color and texture into one work. Below is Moby Dick. Come to the opening and learn my Melville's masterpiece was chosen and what quote especially inspires me.

 Some of the other books you will find are Middlemarch, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Portrait of a Lady, Age of Innocence, The Golden Bowl, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, Jude the Obscure and House of Mirth.

A few encaustics will be shown through the Oregon Women's Caucus for Art.
I especially like going surreal with Eyes on You. 

And a fiber piece will be heading to Wisconsin for a show later in the spring when I assemble modern seminal books such the American Pastoral. Silent Spring, The Adventures of Augie March and other 20th b0oks that either changed the world  or my view of it.

Portland Open Studios has accepted me as a Board Member for the 2014 year and I am very excited about serving such an important arts education arm.

After 6 years I left the Chinese Garden and am now giving every thursday afternoon  to Girls Inc as a group facilitator for a girls empowerment group. It challenges me intellectually and emotionally plus brings the component of social meaning and the chances to change lives. I will miss the garden but their policies and procedures made it impossible for me to continue...they are heading in a business rather than curator-ship direction that I have trouble supporting. But please continue to visit them, it is still one of the loveliest and most interesting spots in Portland.

My hand felted winter hats are at Changes within The Real Mother Goose.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

there is always a next thing to do....Portland Open Studios

Back from Hat Camp on Vashon Island, which was an amazing opportunity to learn new skills, meet my hat hero Louise Green, and network with other  awesome milliners from mostly the west coast but some even from the east.

My mentor Dayna Pinkham had encouraged me to go and off I went. Well worth  the travel time and money. Most importantly is that I now know to use the European hat blocks that do not have rope lines.  Let me explain. Most hat forms.,, well ALL the blocks I have been buying have rope lines which allow you to size the crown, and tie off a creased area for turning under of the brim. You can see the strings in  both areas in the hat below which will become a twist top skimmer.

But the European  blocks have no rope line and so you have to tightly and without wrinkles turn the fabric under and pin it securely with stainless steel pins. This will create what will be a double sided brim which- when finished- is gorgeous. The block below can serve as a crown or a turban/pillbox with waves. But either way there are those waves but no bottom rope line for tying down and stretching the fabric.

Well if this makes no sense to you, you have a great opportunity to visit my studio the second and third weekends of October and see hat making in action. Portland Open Studios tickets can be bought at their website or various venues all over Portland. At my SW Portland studio there will not only be a chance to see couture millinery in action but some hands on activities for children and adults to understand how wool is made into felt.

Come by and say Hello and remember there are artist studios open all over the city and a ticket lets you visit as many studios as you can cram into two weekends.

P.O.S.  is a great learning opportunity for all sorts of people:
1.  those who say "Oh I can do THAT!!" ---well trust me you probably can't :-)
2. art and artisan lovers who wonder how those awesome items get made
3. the emerging artist who can chat with someone who has a body of work and is actually successfully presenting and selling their work.

Come pick our brains, see our digs, have a treat---visual of course.

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's not too late baby, not too late...

Okay, with all due respect to Carole King, who sings to me while I felt and cut and sew, it's not too late. You can still find my summer hats at The Real Mother Goose, my fiber art at Art on Broadway or if you are in Laguna Beach California you can stroll in to las Lagunas and see or better yet BUY Pupu lips.

My belief is that when a gallery accepts a piece once that nice but when they accept another piece, they REALLY like you  work and so a first run in a new gallery is a thrill but a second run is warm and satisfying.

Preparing for Portland Open Studios in October is a total blast. As a first timer, the excitement starts with being juried in, then is sent to a hi pitch when you start to meet the amazing other artists who are also on the tour.

Then come volunteering, which sounds onerous but is really fun, you meet new people - while washing signs I met Liz and Erin, and then I get assigned a store where I shall distribute things for sale- just one of my favorite stores on earth the Mountain Park New Seasons- every time I go I can buy their samosas- they also carry my favorite brand of coffee and henna..... but I digress. The job was explained in an amazingly organized way and it took the fear out of this introverts apprehensions.

But the BIG deal is prepping my studio for the tour. I finally bought home business liability insurance, which I needed anyway as people come to my house for fittings, and then I purchased some carpet and floor protection plastic that is non slipping but will keep my less than pristine but still nice floors from undergoing who knows what? I am ne of those neurotics who believes in being prepared for the worst and then nothing but the best comes their way. It's worked so far.  So I am removing unneeded furniture and equipment, like my duct tape double that no one really cares to meet - her name is Venus if you care. And making room for people to actually be in the studio while I felt, block hats, steam fibers or sew on trims.

Portland Open Studios is not just the opportunity for exposure as an artist but it's a chance to turn people on to the process of making art. the hows and whys and wherefores. And if even one person takes up millinery it because of what they saw me do, or trims a hat the bought, I will be thrilled.

It is also a chance to be part of the very dynamic and generous world of art in Portland, something that in a larger more snobbish city you would never get close to. So as I get closer I will write more about my preparations, feelings, worries, challenges and fun of being part of such a city wide phenomenon. Shalom, Salaam , Peace.